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Today on Facebook: We are talking about "Nature"!

 Here is the message from the Aspirations And Discoveries (Artknits Markham and Newmarket) account: This weekend, go for a walk. Feel the nature, feel the fresh air, take a pause from all the news and social media. Unplug, recharge, so we can go further.
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What does the word "Tangible" and "Intangible" mean?

 The word "Tangible" means to be perceptible to touch. And also, this is means to be physically well being. But "Intangible" means unable to touch the stuff or being grasped. Like for example of using this word in a sentence will be like "The sacraments were tangible because it is also physical and it requires touching. Touching soil is a example of being tangible.

What is a sacrament?

A sacrament is a physical symbol. And it is tangible (the meaning of being physical). And also, it is an invisible reality. Sacraments require communication. And sacraments have symbols like for example, water for baptism and bread and wine for the eucharist. Sacraments can have real causes and they have happened in real life like when you are a baby, you are baptized. Sacraments were involved in the 5 senses by touch, taste, see, hear, and smell. Like for example, when you receive your "First Holy Communion," it requires taste because the Priest will put Jesus in your mouth. These are the 7 sacraments.

What Is Normal?

Being normal means to be typical and to be expected. And also, the things that are common to do for everybody. Like for example of being normal is people will know all the rules in the society like for example do not do dangerous things. An example of not being normal is developing disorders and doing dangerous things. Here is a list of examples of things that are normal to you.  People needed routines and rules. Everyone is different in society. Everyone is part of society.  Eat foods. Going shopping for clothes. Going to school.

The 2 idioms for January!

  Here are the idioms of the day that we are learning on. If you are very interested in those idioms, you can say those phrases instead of saying the words that people know! Here are the 2 idioms for January! Early Bird: Someone who gets up early in the morning.  A Night Owl: Someone who goes to bed late.

New tweet: Mr. Pagnotta is now a music director!

Mr. Pagnotta, accomplished musician and music educator, performs Christmas favourites for our students!  

A Tweet from Artknits Thornhill: they are going to say goodbye to Mr. Loiero!

Wishing Mr. Loiero all the best as he embarks on a new leadership position as Vice Principal of St. Joseph Markham. We will miss you but we know that your new school community will be blessed to have you!