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Hannukah: A short summary

Hanukkah is a holiday that is celebrated for 8 days. It was celebrated by Jewish people. Jews from all over the world celebrate Hanukkah because it helps them to remember the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem. The jews have used 8 candles in Hanukkah because it represents 8 nights. The word Hanukkah means “Dedication.” Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar. It usually celebrates in late November and early December.
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This is a comparison between a modern news article from Maine and the Moses story.

  The 2 articles are both talking about oppression because they were treating people with cultures really bad. Those articles have oppression because there are examples of cruelty and force. In the Maine news article, it shows cruelty by killing Asians and making fun of them. In the Moses story, the Pharaoh's army were controlling and beating the Jews. The word oppression mean taking away of a person's self worth about religion, culture, and others through discrimination. For example, the Jews were slaves to the Pharaoh in the Moses story. Another example from the Maine article is killing 8 Asian people because of their culture. 

What is the Bible?

 The Bible is a type of book that includes both Old and New Testaments. The Bible is like a big university library because there are lots of books in one big book. It was written for a thousand and thousands of years. This type of book took thousands and thousands of years to write.  The "Old Testament" has 46 books. The "New Testament" has 27 books.

The Bible: And why did we study it?

 The Bible is a book that is read by Catholics and Christians. Bibles were written by people back over 2,000 years. We read the Bible because of the following reasons.  We read the Bible because we can learn our historical journies. The key question is "Where did we all come from?" We read the Bible because we wanted to know who God is. That means to know God better. The key question is "Who is he?" We read the Bible because we wanted to know our identity better. The key question is "Why do we do the thing we do?" We read the Bible because we can learn the meaningless of our lives or lives. The key question is "What is the meaning of life?"

Humming Bird Facts For Kids!!!!

        Humming birds create a buzzing sound, when they fly. Humming birds create this sound because they flap their wings rapidly. They can flap their wings up to 80 times in a second. Thats why people call those birds “hummingbirds.” Humming birds can move their wings rapidly.        So, thats how hummingbirds hover. Humming birds rest in 1 area in the middle of the air. There are lots of types of humming birds. For example, a bee hummingbird is the littlest bird in the world. They are weigh less than a penny. But they are tiny bit larger than bees. Bee humming birds make small nests. They make it with spider wens and bits of bark. Their houses are only an inch wide. Bee humming birds make small nests.       They make it with spider wens and bits of bark. Their houses are only an inch wide.
 Humming birds go very fast. It takes a lot of energy to go even fast as they do. This means they have to eat many food. Their favourite food is nectar, and a sweet liquid inside of some flowers.

Refugee is a novel about survival and courage!

 Refugee is a novel about survival and courage because Josef, Mahmoud, and Isabel all sacrificed their lives.  They did dangerous things even though they are scared, which shows that they have courage.  In the novel, the characters go through dangerous situations and suffering. Refugee is a novel about survival and courage because Josef, Mahmoud, and Isabel have sacrificed their lives. Also, they did things that caused danger even though when they were scared.  In the novel, both Isabel and Josef showed sacrifice for survival during their journeys. Josef sacrificed his life for his sister’s life when he decided who is going to go free. He was taken by the “Nazis” and was brought to a concentration camp. It showed sacrifice because Josef saved his sister’s life instead of his own life. Isabel shows survival when she fell in the water while she's on the boat in a storm. Her mother calls out for her. And Isabel struggles to get back on the boat. she didn’t get back on the boat, she co

Talking all about sexual health: What is human sexuality, sexual intimacy, and the 5 levels of relationship.

  SEXUALITY Human sexuality is the total expression of an individual’s femaleness or maleness through that person’s feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors.  It is a complex expression of the whole person.  Sexuality reinforces and affirms the individual as a human being and allows the role of female or male to develop.   SEXUAL INTIMACY A state of closeness and familiarity between 2 people characterized by the desire and ability to share one’s innermost thoughts, needs, and feelings with each other either verbally or non-verbally. 5 Levels of a Relationship 1. DATING Seeing a variety of people with a low level of commitment. 2.  STEADY Seeing one person exclusively with a medium level of commitment. 3.  ENGAGEMENT Exclusive relationship with a high level of commitment and a promise to marry. 4.  COMMON LAW MARRIAGE Relationship with a high level of commitment (living together) No binding legal contract or commitment before God.  5.  MARRIAGE Exclusive relationship with the